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Pure Noni juice, properties and benefits

Pure Noni juice is a food supplement rich in nutraceutical and beneficial properties. Find out how to use it against ailments, fatigue and stress.

Venerdì 28 Febbraio 2020
Pure Noni juice properties and benefits

Noni juice is a food supplement, obtained from the exotic plant of the same name, Noni, typical of the Polynesian islands and widely used in tradition for its countless beneficial properties. Noni is also known as Indian mulberry and is a small tree, with oval and large leaves and fruits up to 10 cm long, with an unpleasant smell. In the Polynesian tradition, the Noni plant was considered sacred and a source of life and the natives used it as a remedy for diseases. The juice is still prepared today following the methods of the indigenous tradition, squeezing the ripe fruits and letting the juice ferment in the heat.

The properties and benefits of noni juice

Noni owes numerous properties to the presence of xeronine, an enzyme capable of having a repairing action on damaged cells. Thanks to the high concentration of enzymes, the juice increases the assimilation of amino acids and vitamins, fighting tiredness and weakness. The benefits are also evident on mood: in fact, Noni stimulates the secretion of serotonin, improving mental efficiency and fighting stress.

Furthermore, thanks to the content of vitamins A and C and the mineral salts present, such as magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, selenium, Noni juice has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, stimulates the function of the immune system, inhibits the development of cangerogenic cells and has adaptogenic properties, against physical and mental stress.

The juice largely owes its antibacterial, as well as antispasmodic and phlebotonic properties to coumarins. Coumarins, including scopoletin in particular, also protect the liver and the cardiovascular system, keep blood pressure stable and help fight physical and mental fatigue.

Also rich in terpenes, pure Noni juice has an antioxidant action, capable of counteracting the formation of free radicals. Next to terpenes, an important element is damnacantale, an alkaloid, which stimulates the immune system and which seems to inhibit the growth of some pre-carcinogenic cells.

Other beneficial elements present in Noni include niacin, carotenes, linoleic acid, flavonoids, catechin, anthraquinones, as well as fiber, proteins and carbohydrates. Thanks to their presence, Noni juice helps to strengthen the functioning of the immune system and to perform analgesic, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory activities.

How to use pure Noni juice

The drink is an excellent support in the most tiring periods, when physical and mental stress is felt.

It is good that it is taken on an empty stomach, to prevent it from interfering with other foods and, after taking it, you should wait about an hour before eating. In general, the recommended dose is two tablespoons of juice per day, to be taken away from milk, coffee, tea and alcohol, as there is a risk of limiting the absorption of the substances contained in Noni.

To mitigate the strong flavor, it can be taken together with fruit juices and in general, fresh drinks.

You can observe the benefits of pure Noni juice after a continuous and regular intake of at least 3-4 weeks. Officially, Noni juice has no contraindications, but being rich in potassium, it should be avoided by people suffering from kidney failure, during pregnancy and breastfeeding or in children.


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