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Ajara is born from the intoxicating dances of coconut palms caressed by the wind, by the golden whirlpools of the exotic beaches that set fire to the coasts, by the skilful emerald of tea plantations in the East, by the sapid scent of ocean breezes.

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Ajara is a new start-up for the sale of organic, vegan and superfood products of international excellence. The commercial project was born with the intention of combining the goodness and taste of the tradition of well-being with a refined quality standard that is detached from the leveling of large retailers.

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The products selected in the various regions of origin all over the world meet the highest levels of quality that regulatory requirements guarantee.
We strictly select only natural and pure ingredients, directly from the plantations of controlled origin. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality, authenticity and healthiness.
We believe in the authenticity of the 'little things': our products ensure the full natural richness of nutrients that synergistically give their healthy, regenerating and revitalizing virtues. The tradition of well-being comes from the courage of an innovation.
From this point of view, Ajara is a point of reference for all those who want to rely on the genuineness and healthiness of natural, organic and vegan products and venture into a journey of flavors, colors and scents that transcend time.