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Matcha green tea organic powder

Japanese matcha green tea is famous for its antioxidant properties, superior to those of any other green tea.

Matcha Green Tea powder [Premium Quality] 40 grammi
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Matcha tè Verde 40 grammi
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Matcha Green Tea Culinary Grade 100 Gr
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Matcha, do you want to learn more?

Matcha Japanese green tea powder Uji Kyoto Japan

What is Matcha tea?

Matcha is a fine powder with green tea leaves that has become one of the most powerful super foods on the market.

The Matcha produced in Japan

Matcha tea, although originally from China, is the Japanese tea par excellence, a drink known as the elixir of Buddhist monks. The Matcha AJARA is grown on the Uji hills in Japan, a favorable area for the growth and maturation of green tea. Some weeks before the harvest, the plants are covered in such a way as to reserve them the right degree of shade in order to load the chlorophyll leaves and preserve all the active ingredients contained in them.
The green tea leaves are harvested by hand according to ancient Japanese tradition, then they are steamed, dried and milled in stone mills until they become a fine green powder.

Matcha, properties and benefits, let's discover them

Matcha is not a simple tea but a true health elixr being rich in vitamins, minerals and polyphenols. Matcha is the tea with the highest percentage of antioxidants, surpassing even the common green tea.

Matcha tea, types, gradation and quality

There are 2 types of Matcha tea: koicha, more often as it comes from plants over 30 years old and the usucha, which is thinner and comes from plants under 30 years old. Depending on when it is harvested, the color and consistency of the powder we can see that there are various qualities of Matcha green tea.
We have chosen 4:

  • Matcha Super Premium green tea [Ceremonial grade]
  • Premium Matcha Green Tea [To drink]
  • Matcha Green Tea [To drink]
  • Matcha green tea [Culinary grade]

The preparation of Matcha green tea according to ancient Japanese tradition

Add half a teaspoon, 1g of powder, of Matcha Ajara Super Premium tea to a bowl or cup.

Add 90ml of hot water (70 °), do not boil. Whisk in a zigzag with the Chasen (bamboo whisk) or a normal kitchen whisk until the matcha melts and becomes frothy and creamy. Adjust the amount of matcha according to taste.

Matcha in the kitchen

In Japan, Macha tea is also used in the kitchen as a natural colorant in mainly sweet foods such as cakes, biscuits, chocolates, smoothies, ice creams and drinks. Its beneficial properties and the need to eat increasingly healthy and green has led European consumers to use it in their recipes as a natural and organic dye.

Matcha tea, some curiosity

Matcha is also called Maccha, in Japanese it is written like this 抹茶, and literally means rubbed tea. It is pronounced Mat.tca.