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Goji water, refreshing summer recipe

Goji water, a summer and refreshing recipe, easy and quick to prepare, energetic to improve fatigue due to summer heat.

Venerdì 1 Febbraio 2019
Goji water with organic goji berries

We are in late summer and the heat has arrived! At this time of the year, you may feel tired and without strength.

To supplement sweat and lost fluids, today we present a simple, nutritious and Super Food recipe based on Goji berries, rich in minerals and antioxidants.

So let's start, let's prepare Goji water ... We need a few ingredients and a few minutes:

  • a tablespoon of organic Goji berries.
  • a teaspoon of Manuka honey as a sweetener
  • water
  • Ice

Bring the Goji berries to a boil in a pot for a couple of minutes, turn off the heat and leave to cool. We pour the contents into a glass, add a tablespoon of honey and mix. We add ice and a mint leaf to give a touch of color.

Simple and easy to prepare recipe, a refreshing drink rich in nutrients.


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