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Pure Organic Noni Juice 1000 ml ℮

Prodotto esaurito
  • 100% Natural and Pure Drink, obtained following the traditional Polynesian recipe.
  • Antioxidant, strengthens the immune system
  • Natural energizing, ideal for combating physical and mental fatigue.
  • The juice does not contain animal substances and no artificial additives.
  • Bio DE-ÖKO-006 certification

Net weight

Peso Prodotto

1000 ml ℮


Ingredienti Prodotto

Pure organic Noni juice

Country of origin

Paese di Origine del Prodotto

Polinesia Francese

More details on Succo di Noni

Noni juice: the natural food with various beneficial properties

The Noni, Morinda citrifolia this is its Latin name, is an exotic plant, native to the warm areas of South-East Asia. It is a small evergreen tree, with small yellow-green fruits, oval and fleshy. Also called "Indian mulberry", Noni was already known for thousands of years and used in Polynesia by indigenous people for therapeutic purposes due to its many beneficial properties and, above all, as an energy to survive in times of famine. In the South Pacific islands, Noni is considered the "sacred plant", the "mother" of all healing plants. Nowadays it is used in herbal medicine and in alternative medicine treatments, boasting many other beneficial properties.

Noni juice composition

There are numerous essential components contained in Noni juice that make it a nutraceutical product with various beneficial properties.

It is in fact a source of vitamins, the most important of which are vitamin C, A and B3. We also find minerals such as potassium, sodium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, copper, sulfur. The list is completed with trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, polysaccharides, sterols, alkaloids, antioxidants, flavonoids, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fibers. All the active ingredients of the Noni fruit act synergistically.

All this has meant that Noni juice has been recognized by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) recognized it as a "new food ingredient" and was finally included in the GRAS (GeneraLly RecoGNISED AS save), or in the list of safe substances.

Benefits and ownership of Noni

The therapeutic virtues of Noni juice are numerous.
1. It has a powerful antioxidant action in fighting free radicals, prevents skin aging and promotes cell regeneration. Some substances contained in Noni promote the absorption of minerals, vitamins and amino acids in the intestine as well as regulating protein synthesis.
2. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory action. Acts as an excellent pain reliever and analgesic, excellent against headaches, joint and muscle pain, tendinitis, menstrual pain. For these reasons it is also called "the tree of the headache" and "the pain-killing tree". It also performs a protective action on the gastric and intestinal mucosa.
3. It has a powerful antibacterial and antifungal action: useful for treating cystitis and urinary tract infections.
4. Stimulates and increases the defenses of the immune system. It stimulates the production of T cells that play a key role in defending our body from diseases.
5. It has an anticoagulant action and promotes blood circulation, protects the whole cardiovascular system, keeps blood sugar levels stable and keeps pressure under control.
6. Improves mood and helps regulate sleep due to its serotonin content. Moreover, it helps to improve concentration and is useful in case of stress: it counteracts tiredness, supports fatigue and, as an energizer, helps fight weakness.
7. Promotes the regeneration of dermal tissue. In fact, applied directly to the skin it can be useful to soothe slight burns, small abrasions and skin inflammations.
8. The presence of damnacantale gives Noni juice an inhibitory property against the growth of cancer cells.
9. Has a beneficial action in patients with asthma and diabetes.

Useful tips on taking Noni juice: Dosage, interactions and contraindications

Method of recruitment
The juice extracted from the Noni fruits is fermented and then pasteurized, to maintain its nutritional principles intact. The taste is not particularly pleasant. The resulting drink has a bitter and sour taste, dark brown in color, with a dense consistency. It can be diluted in water and in this regard it is advisable to always read the label carefully and carefully to check if it has been diluted in water. Taking it with other fruit juices, such as apple or grape, helps make it sweeter and more palatable. It is best to avoid mixing it with other beverages, such as tea, herbal tea, milk, coffee or alcohol which would cancel out the active ingredients. Concomitant intake with Guarana and nicotine is not recommended.

Once opened, it should be kept in the fridge.

General information on Succo di Noni
Instructions Drink 30 ml twice a day, about half an hour before meals. Mix the juice with water or fruit juice.
Indications After opening, store Noni juice in the refrigerator and use it within 2 weeks.
Allergens May cause allergic reactions
Certifications Organic Certificate

The information provided on is of a general nature and purely for informational purposes and cannot in any case replace the advice of a qualified doctor (ie a graduate in medicine qualified for the profession) or, in specific cases, of other health workers (dentists , nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and so on).
The notions and any information on medical procedures, dosages and / or descriptions of drugs or use products present in the proposed texts and in the published articles have only an illustrative purpose and do not guarantee to acquire the necessary manual skills and experience for their use or practice.

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